5 Examples Of What Works For Asset Managers On Facebook

What works on Facebook? Here’s a quick look at five asset manager posts that are generating the most response lately, as measured by the number of people who have “liked” the update.

Likes are a good thing. Brands whose Facebook fans engage with them more regularly (via Likes, Shares, comments or check-ins) have a greater likelihood of being seen in fans' news feeds. And this can result in amplifying the reach of your updates to your users' networks.

Across the board, this industry is woefully behind the Like totals being racked up by others. At the tippity top is Coca-Cola, whose 58 million likes make it Facebook’s most liked brand (after Facebook, that is). The most liked asset manager is Vanguard, with 115,000 likes as of this writing.

While many, many updates posted by mutual fund and asset manager firms generate fewer than five likes, these updates have been the most popular in the last several months. We'll count up from more than 100 to more than 1,000.

American Funds (105 Likes)

American Funds sticks to business with this update on new IRA and 401(k) contribution limits. Almost half of the people who liked the update shared it—and more than a few were financial advisors, as shown in the second screenshot.

Franklin Templeton (140 Likes)

Overall, people seem to like Franklin Templeton’s use of graphics displaying quotes. This Martin Luther King quote was a hit, and also produced 56 Shares.

Fidelity (451 Likes)

Notice how Fidelity's two-sentence update Friday about the Dow clearing 14,000 got the conversation (and sharing) started.

T. Rowe Price (629 Likes)

Is this an illustration of T. Rowe understanding what resonates with its fans? This update links to a non-T. Rowe Price article on college savings.

Vanguard (1,056 Likes)

Very little that goes into Facebook comes out of Facebook. Unfortunately, I can't embed the video that was received with such acclaim. You’ll have to visit the Facebook page to see how Vanguard commemorated its 100,000 fan milestone. This is from August 2012; now there are 114,000 fans and this medium-appropriate post demonstrates why.