Rock The Boat Marketing Services

Think of Rock The Boat Marketing as your partner and coach in improving your firm’s digital presence and reach.

We get involved in:

Digital marketing strategy direction, planning and execution

How will you get from here to there? We’ll draw on our state-of-the-art understanding of your markets, your challenges and your opportunities to help shape your team’s thinking and how it’s expressed to the enterprise. Where it makes sense, we can even step in by your side to help execute until you’re self-sufficient.

Frequently, this work is at the campaign level. Our involvement can be from start to finish, including marketing infrastructure prep, content development and evaluation. We have also been brought in late, to provide an independent, objective assessment of an already developed plan.

Website strategy

It may not be the center of the universe that we all imagined at one time, but your Website is the only domain you truly control. Firms call on us for help in refreshing, optimizing, consolidating and overall improving the experience of the users, all of whom land on your site wanting to get something done. Wondering how to tune your financial advisor and other password-protected areas of your site? We can help.

Content strategy consulting including search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and content syndication

Once it winds its way through what we respect as an unappealable review process, your content has lots of potential. Have you considered whether you’re fully optimizing the content you create? We have ideas for leveraging your effort and extending your organization’s reach. 

Social strategy

Lack of experience or exposure on your part doesn't mean that you need to sit out on a business-transforming communications revolution that's already underway in the investment industry. C’mon, there are meaningful ways—with more added daily—to introduce social media to your marketing mix. We’ll catch you up and then help push you ahead.

Also: We deliver an industry-informed and firm-tailored workshop on social media and its impact on the rest of investment company marketing. Executive briefings are also available. 

Mobile strategy

Medium-appropriate content, delivery, technology, maintenance and measurement. There is a lot to consider and we can help with your roadmap.



Speed to market, production costs and efficiencies, the way people prefer to receive and retrieve information—just about everything points to digital communications and marketing strategies. If you or your staff needs an introduction or a refresher, we’re happy to help with a custom curriculum. 

CRM/database marketing

Few investment management organizations are where they want to be in linking their marketing activities to their customer database and ultimately to sales or retention results. It’s a cross-functional enterprise that tends to benefit from outside thinking and best practice experience.


Continue to produce or analyze the results of earlier work? Marketers are often forced to choose between the two. It’s understandable how analytics rarely rate as a priority and yet they often point to key “customer” insights. Analytics are one of our favorite subjects. Whether you’re just starting out or just starting to get serious, we can add value in a one-time or ongoing engagement. 

Rock The Boat Marketing offers a structured approach and informed recommendations underpinned by an insatiable curiosity and energy to set your digital strategy on a path designed to yield an industry-leading outcome. The investment management industry is different. Because we get “it,” we can assure you that our interactions will be informed and the consulting deliverable will be both inspired and actionable.