You Know You're A Digital Marketer If...

Recently MarketingProfs asked its Facebook group to finish the sentence: “You know you’re a marketer if…” About 17 responses were then illustrated and shared yesterday in the presentation embedded below.

I’d like to flatter the feature by imitating it, sort of. Digital marketers can benefit from a self-awareness exercise, too, but Rock The Boat Marketing doesn’t have the reach that MarketingProfs does. We'd be waiting quite a while if I tried to crowdsource responses to the “You know you’re a digital marketer if…”

So, I’ll go first with my list, shown below. But, please don’t leave me hanging out here all alone—mutual fund and ETF digital marketers (others welcome, too!), add your own contributions in the Comments below.

You know you’re a digital marketer if…

QR Is Never Far From Your Mind

You’re sitting in a pew at Catholic Mass, joining the choir in a spirits-lifting song. Your sister leans over and whispers, “I want this song sung at my funeral.”

Your response, also whispered: “Each song in the songbook should have a QR code so whenever there’s a random statement like this we could capture it. We’d just scan the code and the code could be added to a funeral service page layout assembly program on the Web. So, the program can be built over time and not all at the last minute and in fresh grief.” Bewildered, your sister nods her head and looks away.

Digital First—And Sometimes Only

You mark the sale of your house (after 2.5 years on the market) by hosting a mammoth two-day garage sale featuring all kinds of abandoned tech (digital pens, early ebook readers, MiniDisc players, you get the idea). You press friends and family into donating a few hours of service to staff the sale. But the turnout is disappointing, and idle talk turns into an inquisition about what kind of advertising was done.

“What do you mean that you didn’t advertise in the community newspapers? What? The only advertising you did was online? Are you serious? Not everyone is online, Pat. Typical.”

Gifts That Endure

You give domain names to children as gifts, certain that these will be treasured for years to come. And, gradually realize that the gift is a lot like giving a magazine subscription. It has impact the first year. But the enthusiasm and thanks fade as you dutifully renew year after year. Meanwhile, the domains don’t even have Google AdWords running on them!

But It’s So Pretty To Look At

You’ve added the Analytics HD app to your iPad mini, enabling you to share Google Analytics insights with friends at dinner or during lulls at parties. Only the super-nice feign interest, and then not for long.

Parallel Universes

Your brother is a financial advisor. His Website is barely findable in the search engine results, let alone on page 1. He’s not on LinkedIn, doesn’t use Twitter, enjoys YouTube for recreation only. And yet he is crazy successful. You're a digital marketer if you find this maddening.

Your turn: You know you're a digital marketer if...?