Thought Leadership Marketing And SEO’s Role In It

What role does SEO play in your firm’s Marketing? Many companies we work with don’t invest a lot in search engine optimization. But the companies that do tend to swing over to the other extreme—they tend to have a deeper appreciation for how search drives website traffic and, because of this, they invest many of their hopes and dreams into their SEO efforts.

In many cases, that’s not practical. SEO can’t on its own rescue an online presence, and particularly not if an SEO team is siloed. What an organization knows and understands about SEO can be leveraged many times over once the search professionals are mainstreamed with the rest of Marketing, including writers and producers involved in creating content to be marketed and syndicated.

Whether you’re a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) company that today invests in SEO or not, the presentation I’ve embedded below has relevance for the work you’re doing to market with thought leadership. It may start too far back for some of you or go into too much detail, but be sure to pay attention to the insights starting on slide 51.

The "Death and Rebirth of SEO" by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, provides concrete examples of how SEO and search awareness can work effectively with content marketing, social media, analytics and public relations. It’s an excellent point-in-time report that I think you’ll get so much out of.

The Death & Rebirth of SEO
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