Tabbloid: Another Way To Keep Up With The Blogs

The RSS feed reader has been, for me, the [technology] highlight of the first decade of the millennium. I started out using Bloglines, then NetVibes and I keep an active Google Reader account. But I found Blogbridge one Sunday afternoon and that’s my workhorse. I can feel my pulse racing as I wait the milliseconds for my 300-plus feeds to update and sync. I like to run with the "info-junkies."

But I understand—and sometimes am reminded—that it takes all kinds. For those of you not interested in pouncing on Web page updates, Hewlett Packard recently introduced a free service that might appeal. Go to, enter one or more RSS feeds and Tabbloid will email you a "print-ready" .pdf on whatever schedule you prefer. Not my cup of tea but it's a service you or others in your company might appreciate as an offline way of keeping up.