Moving On...

This blog post required a couple of passes.

I want to use the post to let you know that I’m closing Rock The Boat Marketing to take a marketing position with an asset management firm. Yep, I’m heading back inside.

A part of me—ultimately overruled by the rest of me—wanted to regale you with how I’ll remember the last seven years. I had some reminiscences about the spread of social media and the progress of digital marketing within the industry, a few profound observations and one or two prophecies.

I’ll save all that for if we ever meet in person and you have a lot of time and nothing to say yourself.

The most important thing I have to say today is thank you and I don’t want that to get lost.

I knew few (non Chicago-based) mutual fund and ETF marketers, financial advisors or service providers when I personally became active online starting in 2008. It was a special time because lots of others were also finding their voices and experimenting with blogs and Twitter.

The encouragement from the people I’ve met through tweeting and posting has floored me. It’s been genuine, helpful in a material way and affirming. Thank you. Your attagirls have meant so much.

Starting December 1, I’ll be working as Director of Intermediary Marketing at Calamos Investments in suburban Chicago. I worked at Calamos for a short time several years ago. Marketing and Sales there is doing some cool stuff together, and I’m eager to get back on a team.

Rock The Boat Marketing is docking (hat tip to my nephew Danny for that). But my interest in you and what you’re up to will continue, naturally. Let’s keep in touch—here’s my LinkedIn profile if you’d like to connect.