Quora: Another Social Media Frontier To Explore

Over the last few weeks, I'd been noticing a pick-up in interest in Quora, the question-and-answer site. More people were citing it in the blogs I read but more intriguing was the increasing number of notifications of followers to my Quora accounts. The pace reminded me of the Twitter notifications I'd receive in early to mid-2009. It's as if busloads of people are being dropped at the registration page.

If you haven't jumped on the bus, I recommend that you do. You may find professional value in it but you're also likely to see more financial advisors refer to Quora in 2011. The questions and the answers that I've read have been very helpful; you'll see a difference between it and LinkedIn group discussions. Less posturing and more substance, in my opinion.

Should you consider it as a communications platform in your planning? Maybe.

For more information—and because I'm trying hard here to keep my 2011 resolution to write shorter, more targeted posts—here are links to two additional posts from yesterday for added context: