Make No Mistake About It: Twitter Is For Customer Service

When you’re on the receiving end of a customer service line, you field a wide range of random inquiries and comments. And, that's exactly what happens—and what investment companies should anticipate—when it's time to hang a shingle on Twitter. 

Here are a few examples of comments directed to firms recently. Many customers just prefer this channel for giving feedback. This selection of tweets also provides a view of the breezy way Twitter users search for information. I once received a random tweet: "@RockTheBoatMKTG, I just heard about crowdsourcing. Explain."

Be aware that unlike the odd question or request that comes in via other channels and meanders through an organization in search of a reply, the response clock on these tweets ticks in tripletime. Better answer or at least acknowledge these kinds of tweets pronto! In fact, most of the firms mentioned below did respond. The embed code doesn't capture the responses, unfortunately.