Let’s Try To Be Less Predictable

It’s a busy and emotional week for me as my nephew, godson and personal hero to many, me included, graduates from medical school. A sick boy becomes a doctor? Don’t get me started.

The long and winding posts will resume next week, I've decided to keep it short today. Enjoy while you can!

Briefly, I call your attention to the StockCats Stock Market Headline Generator v1.0, which aims to simplify the creation of the stock market narrative provided by many in the investment industry, including mutual fund and ETF marketers.

Below is a screenshot showing the choices available in just one of the seven provided dropdown boxes. You need to click through to the site (one page, really) to drink in just how predictable investment communicating can be.

Let's face it: Many of our market (and other) communications teeter on the brink of Yada Yada Yada. This is Exhibit A in the case to be made in favor of thoughtful, differentiating, even inventive content. Godspeed.