Is Your Site Ready For The Small Screen?

What does your Website look like on a mobile device? If your target market includes affluent investors, you might want to look into that sooner rather than later.

Consider a datapoint cited in Friday’s issue of MediaPost’s Behavioral Insider e-newsletter, highlighting the recently released 32nd annual Mendelsohn Affluent Survey.

While less than 20% of all cell phone subscribers use their mobile devices to access the Internet, 40% of affluents (the 23 million Americans earning $100,000 or more) do–and 57% of those making $250,000 and above.

“My impression is that as you go up the income strata, the [affluents] clearly are using media much more for informational purposes, for financial transacting…As you go up the income and wealth strata, people are using it for different purposes. The wealthier person in most respects is using it to further their economic success. The lower-income users are using it to entertain themselves,” Ipsos Mendelsohn President Bob Shullman told the Behavioral Insider.

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