Blue, Blue, Our World Is (Mostly) Blue: Recent Asset Manager Website Redesigns

July brought new looks (and some information re-design) to several asset management Web sites, including:

Besides a fondness for blue (good for you, RidgeWorth, for daring to use a red!), the publicly accessible areas of the new sites have some features in common—multiple searches/sorts, quick links, RSS subscriptions. With their Most Popular capabilities, MainStay and RidgeWorth take navigation a bit further by offering visitors the benefit of what previous visitors valued. You’ll want to check each site out yourself.

Just for fun, below we show screenshots of relatively recent previous versions of the sites, courtesy of the Wayback Machine. The screenshots we show of the new sites are of the individual investor pages. Click on the images of the new sites to go to them.

Congratulations to all involved in getting these sites launched. Across the board on mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) providers' sites, we’d like to see more differentiation and the use of social media to fully explore unique value propositions online. 

Still, we appreciate what it takes to get collaborations like Website redesigns—especially when they’re part of rebrandings, as was the case with Alger, Eaton Vance and MainStay—out the door. Launch, refine, rinse and repeat.

And, always, analyze! (For more on essential Web analytics, see our recent post "Are You Ready for a Web Analytics Grilling?")


BEFORE: Alger Website as of Feb. 5, 2008

AFTER: Alger Website as of July 2009


AFTER: Eaton Vance Website as of July 2009


BEFORE: MainStay Investments Website as of July 13, 2007


AFTER: MainStay Investments Website as of July 2009


BEFORE: RidgeWorth Funds Website as of Aug. 2008


AFTER: RidgeWorth Funds Website as of July 2009