Are You Delighting Or Disappointing Mobile Users?

How’s that mobile strategy coming along? Considering the growing mound of data reporting financial advisor and investor reliance on smartphones, there isn’t a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) firm today that isn’t giving some thought to mobile.

Assuming that’s the case, you and your team really need to spend at least 40 minutes watching this 76-minute video by Avinash Kaushik. Kaushik is the digital marketing evangelist for Google and Web analytics guru that I’ve mentioned a few times previously.

Kaushik's presentation packs a one-two punch. In the first-half, he offers some insights on the "profound" ways mobile can change marketing. The second half, while extremely valuable, is focused on measurement and likely to appeal to a subset of your team. If you’re a Google Analytics user, hang in there for a link to a custom report he created.

Be on guard as you watch because he starts with three stories about how companies have delighted him (he’s quite a consumer) with their mobile presences. About 24 minutes in, though, Kaushik demonstrates how mostly “sad” many mobile efforts are today.

You’ll feel for the BMW team as he details how they disappoint him by not optimizing for his Samsung Galaxy Tab form factor. When Kaushik says, “BMW owners have tablets and Audi owners have tablets,” guess who I was thinking of? Yep, investors have smartphones and tablets.

Kaushik says, “We have to take the mobile platform seriously and create experiences that are material and accretive to our brand value rather than destructive" and there’s no disagreeing with him. Enjoy.