@AdvisorTweets In Limbo

Update: We're back up and running so stop by and check us out at www.advisortweets.com. For the gory details of what happened, see 5 Insights Following The Return of @AdvisorTweets.

We launched AdvisorTweets.com late Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed so much support for it that we needed to move the site to an XL server Friday. Thank you all for the early interest you’ve shown.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure where we are today.

If you’ve tried to reach @AdvisorTweets, you’ve seen the above message.

But I don’t think the account has been suspended. Twitter’s support page says that suspended accounts see a red box when they log in. When we log in, we get a prompt to restore the account and then this very promising message.

I spent some time manically refreshing my email looking for the instructions. But comments I’ve since found on the Web suggest that the restoration instructions may/may not arrive.

So, at this point, we’re not sure whether we’ve fallen out of Twitter’s graces or whether we’re just in limbo. But the tweets publishing to AdvisorTweets.com are getting increasingly stale and we are likely going to redirect the domain to the AdvisorTweets blog.

Having done our due diligence in the months leading up to our launch, we have no reason to believe that AdvisorTweets violates Twitters rules. Communicating with Twitter is a challenge, however, and many before of us are still waiting to hear something back.

That said, count on us to be working everything we possibly can to resume publishing as soon as possible.

Naturally, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on how to more effectively communicate with Twitter support, we welcome them.

Someone asked me this morning whether I still love Twitter. Yes, absolutely, I do! AdvisorTweets’ availability or no, financial advisors are still out there using Twitter to share what they think. While we’re on a hiatus, you can still find and follow them using the Twitter and other directories. We’ll be doing the same, as we did before Wednesday, using our @RockTheBoatMKTG Twitter account.