A PIMCO Tweet Anticipated Today’s WSJ Report

My feed reader today yielded a small but illustrative example of 1)how a Twitter presence can help an asset manager “front-run” a news organization and 2)how tweets, as short as they are, do command attention and can be memorable.

The top tweet was sent sometime late last night by @felixsalmon, the Reuters finance blogger. The second tweet I show is what Salmon is referring to—a May 27 @PIMCO tweet attributed to Bill Gross in which Gross predicts what the Wall Street Journal is reporting today.

Steering completely clear of the report itself, I just find it so interesting that PIMCO thought to use its Twitter account to get ahead of a report it believed was imminent. And, note that its tweets, at least this one, are remembered and retrievable. At this writing at about 10 a.m. CDT, Salmon’s tweet had been retweeted twice.

Those who underestimate Twitter underestimate a powerful communications and public relations channel.

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