5 Asset Manager-Relevant Social Resources 4 U On V Day

For my valentine to you this year, I thought I’d call your attention to five asset management industry-relevant social resources. It would break my heart if you missed these just because your workplace blocks you from discovering social sites while on your work computer. These are worth checking out on your own time.

Are there others you’d add to this list? Share the love in the Comments below.

1. LinkedIn Group: Financial Writing/Marketing Communications


The portfolio manager as a writer, the age-old debate surrounding indexes vs. indices and the nagging question about whether "credit market" is really synonymous for the "corporate bond market." You’d have to look far and wide to find a group of corporate communicators interested in engaging on the fine topics that can consume financial writers.

But there’s no need to look, just join the 700-plus member LinkedIn Financial Writing/Marketing Communications group (it’s a closed group so I can’t link directly to it). What especially recommends it: It’s one of the favorite hangouts of Susan B. Weiner of the Investment Writing blog.

2. Podcast: AdvisorGo


You have an array of choices when it comes to keeping close to your client the financial advisor—trade publications offline and online, Webinars, conferences, AdvisorTweets.com, etc. Add the AdvisorGo podcast to your playlist and I promise you’ll benefit from the insights of Stephanie Sammons, a former Merrill Lynch advisor, and Zack Miller, an advisor who’s making the transition to his obvious calling in life—tracking social finance.

Steph and Zack, both of whom I’ve mentioned here before—Steph for her work with WiredAdvisor.com and Zack for his Tradestreaming book—are delivering must listen-to insights and analysis via their weekly podcast. This is your opportunity to understand in real-time the potential that social communicating represents to advisors and the work they do.

3. Twitter: A Twitter List And A Twitter Chat

I will cop to showing favoritism by suggesting two resources on Twitter, my most beloved social site.

Twitter list: At the end of 2011, Victor Gaxiola of Red 7 Marketing published a list of "30 thought leaders you should be following in financial social media." Here’s Victor’s post and here’s the Twitter list he created to make it easy to follow the group that I was fortunate to be included in.

It’s a lot of work to figure out who to follow on Twitter. The people on the list don’t miss much and you won’t either once you add the Twitter list to your Twitter app.

4. Twitter Chat

Registered Rep magazine has started hosting a Twitter chat with advisors at noon Central Thursdays, and some prominent advisors have been taking part. The chat starts with a focus, but then the advisors tend to take it from there.


Twitter chats can be confusing for people at first. In part, that’s because people mistakenly believe that they need to go somewhere. You don't. Just add the name of the chat—in this case, #regreptalks—to its own column in your Twitter app and pay attention to the stream. Unlike a statistically reliable survey that takes weeks to tabulate and report, this is a different kind of market research. It’s an opportunity to listen in on advisors communicating with one another in real-time. Or, you might ask a question using the hashtag and see how the advisors respond.

5. Google+ Circle of Asset Managers

Google+ launched for brands in November and I think we’ve all assumed that it would be just a matter of time before some asset managers added Google+ to their social repertoire.


For a presentation a few weeks ago I scoured Google+ to document who's out there. As you’ll see in my Firms—Asset Managers circle that I’m sharing with you here, I found 11 firms that appear to have established at least a placeholder account. Click on the image to see the circle on Google+.

Only Putnam and Invesco have posted anything to date. This work is a few weeks old, and I’m not claiming that it’s all-inclusive. If your firm is out there or if you know of others, please let us all know below.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day, love ya!